Budapest Panorama


Palace of Arts / Festival Theatre

Budapest Dance Festival - Gala

Since 1983, International Dance Day has been held on 29 April to commemorate the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre, considered the father of classical ballet. For this festive occasion, the plan this year is to give audiences a chance to attend two special gala evenings.


Museum of Fine Arts

The World of Toulouse-Lautrec

The exhibition plans to present the Parisian settings and people connected to Toulouse-Lautrec in thematic groups, allowing for the portrayal of the scenes of public and private life, individuals vs. types and the examination of the boundaries between popular and elitist art.


Budapest Operetta Theatre

Gone with the Wind

This is the musical version of the classic novel by Margaret Mitchell, in which Scarlett O'Hara attempts to win the hearts of the audience with the American Civil War as the monumental backdrop.


Museum of Ethnography

Charming feathers

Lajos Boglár (1929-2004) was a famous Hungarian cultural anthropologist, who did his ethnographic fieldwork projects among different indian tribes in the Amazonian tropical forest.


Trafó - House of Contemporary Arts

Ultima Vez (BEL): booty Looting - 200% DANCE

For booty Looting Wim Vandekeybus has composed a group of six performers, one musician and one photographer. Music, movement, spoken word and photography are on an equal footing with each other. Every medium adds something or erases something.


Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art

Judit Reigl – Emptiness and Ecstasy

Painter Judit Reigl was born in 1923 in Kapuvár, and has been living and working in France since 1950. She is one of the rare artists of Hungarian origins who is recognised in the United States, and whose oeuvre uniquely combines the traditions of European and American abstraction.


Cellar Theatre /Pinceszínház

Benkó Dixieland Band Club

The Benkó Dixieland Band (founded: 1957) is one of the best jazz formations in the world and certainly the most popular in Hungary.